The Game Is Never Over

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Greetings fellow Sherlock fans…

It looks like things are only getting worse when it comes to planning a fan gathering/event in November. So I’m canceling this November gathering. Hopefully next year we can start planning again. Those that live local to Philadelphia PA, I’ll be planning BBC meetups. I’ve already got a few places in mind near King of Prussia where we can have fan days. For those that live further away, I would like to look into a London group event again, once things are back to normal again that is.

I think in the future I would also like to see BBC fans set up at events, like 221B Con. Maybe even host some panels at future events like we did at London Comic-Con, or maybe a fan party? For most of us, it’s just celebrating a show we love! For those I owe refunds, I will be contacting all of you personally, it just may take me a few days.

I also plan to start selling the goodies I was going to sell at our event. I have a bunch of double-sided movie posters which include: The Imitation Game, The Hobbit, Star Trek Into Darkness, Thor, etc… I have a list 🙂 I’m also selling a bunch of Sherlock Pop Figures. Looking for something, contact me.

Anything I had listed for charity will be saved for future fan gatherings and events.

Again stay safe, and I hope to see all of you again soon. -Rose AKA Blogger

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