John’s Blog: Oct 18th, 2019

This will be a fun way of sharing our thoughts each week! 

John sharing his thoughts online, as we plan to do, each week!

OCT 18TH, 2019

I know a lot of fans were excited yesterday, and it’s mainly because of the possibility of having certain guests. We do plan to have more than one on-screen actor, but with this being our first event, we would like to keep it more limited. We’re not an official convention like Sherlocked, which centers a great deal on the guests. We’re Sherlock fans holding a convention.    

What that means is more fan appreciation! We would like to see lots of art, cosplay, and hear your fan-fiction stories! Things we have planned, which will be posted throughout the year, include: scavenger hunts, episodes airing, ribbon trading, a karaoke party, a formal dinner, charity auction, art contest, games set up, on-screen items displayed for photos, a costume contest, a YouTube contest, lots of music, fan interaction is very important, and lots of shopping!

That’s not to say, we’re not going to try for a bigger actor if there’s enough interest. It’s just to say we’re planning this as a fan convention.

We’ll see how much fan interest we gather on Andrew Scott, and if there’s not enough, I do have a few adult actors to fall back on, and one is very interested in the event! I’m also waiting to hear back from a few actors and agents.

A PayPal link will be added soon, hotel block will be posted in about a month. More questions? Feel free to contact us!

One thing to remember is… This convention is still over a year away. We have lots of time to plan this out. We promise to put our heart and soul into this convention and make it an event you’ll never forget!

-The Game Is Never Over

2 thoughts on “John’s Blog: Oct 18th, 2019”

    1. The block will be from Thursday the 26th until Monday the 30th of November. That block should be posted later this week 🙂


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