We have a growing list of charity items for our auction, some of our personal favorites…

Signed by Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, a gift from Hartswood Films!

Autographed postcards from Hartswood Films, signed by Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, this was given to me personally, during my visit to the film studio. 

_ _ _

The Furlock Teddy Bear was a Sherlocked exclusive!

Showmasters, the creators of Sherlocked, one of our favorite conventions! Gave us this Furlock Teddy Bear for Charity, a HUGE thanks to Zoe and all the crew at Showmasters for allowing us to Share the Love last summer. Furlock Teddy Bear is a Sherlocked exclusive and very rare!

_ _ _

Home Sweet Home, by Ali Miller!

Another auctioned piece will be a tea set from Ali Miller of London! More details on that soon!

_ _ _

Taking it Beyond Baker Street, we will also have some Supernatural items, which include this Misha & Vicki Collin’s cookbook: The Adventurous Eaters Club! Signed with a heart, by Misha Collin’s! 

_ _ _

We have many more items, but you’ll have to come to the event to see and bid!!! Money collected will go to Saint Jude, Ghandi’s Refuge Animal Rescue, and a portion will go to A03.

_ _ _

This autograph has a special story behind it… During the promotion of the series, autographed items were given out, and this one could be yours! Preregister before December 31st, and you’re automatically entered in a drawing, which will be held on Jan 1st!

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