Panels and Activities  

It’s still early in on our event planning but we do have a few panels lined up, along with activities throughout the weekend. Keep watching for updates!

Mike Stamford’s role in Sherlock, and the chemistry between Cumberbatch and Freeman. David Nellist will be sharing stories of that first episode, and the chemistry between the actors, along with stories of The Abominable Bride.  

Chasing Redbeard. Both Tom Stoughton and his father Rich will be sharing memories of being on set, which includes a little joke Martin Freeman pulled on Tom’s mom.  

Something to write about. Join fellow writers as they talk about Fan-Fiction and the role it has in the Sherlock Community.   

What Next? With so many stories of another season, we’d like to hear your point of view in this interactive panel. What would you like to see in another season?   

Becoming That Character. For you cosplay fans and for those that would like to cosplay, this panel’s for you!

Win, Lose or Draw. Fans will be able to interact and compete against each other during this fun event!  

Taking it Beyond Baker Street. This is our chance to talk about other projects our favorite actors/writers are working on.   

Stamford’s Acting Workshop. Join David Nellist in his 90-minute acting workshop. This is limited seating, so please stop by David’s table early in the event, to sign up and learn more.   

Arts & Crafts with Tom Stoughton. For the young and the young at heart! Tom and his father Rich will be joining us in some artistic fun!  

Sherlock’s Cards Against Humanity! Six teams, who will be the victor?! Join us at this fun event!   

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This autograph has a special story behind it… During the promotion of the series, autographed items were given out, and this one could be yours! Preregister before December 31st, and you’re automatically entered in a drawing, which will be held on Jan 1st!

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Up Til Christmas Tables will be on SALE for $90.00 apiece, that Price will change after the Holiday. To purchase a table contact me at

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