Bravo is an extraordinary artist when it comes to make-up and has done multiple characters, she’s also a HUGE fan of Sherlock! Bravo will also be joining us for the Reenactment Dinner as Sherlock for a Game of Murder! [Note: That does not mean you cannot dress up as Sherlock, everyone is invited to dress up as their favorite characters and put on a show, that’s what this dinner/event is about.] Bravo will also be a judge during the costume contest!

If you would like to be part of the dinner’s entertainment please contact us. This does not include your dinner ticket, but there will be a special prize for the best performance! Purchase your dinner TICKETS now because there is limited seating!
Look for more announcements soon!
_ _ _
We are now planning Swag Bags for all preregistered fans! Bags will include your convention pins/badges, a special print that you can have the guests sign, along with special discounts and other Sherlock goodies! If you would like to add something to our swag bags to promote your business or shop, please contact us at

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