A Game Of Sherlock [LARPing Event]

We have another Fan Original Game lined up A Game Of Sherlock!

Two groups will have the chance to sign up as their favorite characters and join in a LARPing room! For those that don’t know what a LARPing room is, it’s an Action Role-Playing room! Once the doors shut you will be in character!

Let’s give you some examples… If you are playing Mycroft you may get a Top Secret file to help you along. Molly an autopsy report. Greg may get a police report. Anyhow, you get the idea!

The LARPing room will be set up twice during the weekend, with limited seating, and you must sign up in the Gaming Room! The gaming event and prizes are set up by Mary Lockner! Follow her on Facebook and enjoy her arts and crafts!

Mary also plans to make custom figures during the event!

You can order Mary’s custom figures ahead of time, through her Facebook page and pick them up at the event! She’s also a fan of Supernatural, as we take it Beyond Baker Street once more! So she can also make you a Dean, Sam, Castiel… or any other character you may like!

Again fans that would like to be a part of the LARPing room event, sign up in our Gaming room during the event! First, come basis!

A few more images of Mary’s goodies!

_ _ _

Purchase tickets at Sherlock Reenactment Dinner and remember it’s pre-registrants only. Think Sign Of Three when joining this dinner, dress for a wedding!

_ _ _

We NOW have a Facebook EVENT page!

Follow us on Instagram & Facebook! Share your thoughts on our Facebook group page!


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