Convention Update!!! Important Please Read!!!

Greetings fellow Sherlock fans… Due to the Coronavirus, lack of ticket sales, and being unable to promote this Sherlock event at other conventions as we had originally planned. We feel that we cannot generate enough interest to make this event happen the way we originally planned it, especially when it comes to flying guests over and making guarantees.

What we are planning to offer for those that would still like to come out, is an event without special guests, and instead of selling tickets, it would be donations to help pay for the convention space.

Instead of vendor tables, we will offer a buy sell and trade night. Everyone in attendance will have a chance to sell their goodies!

Events we have planned for the weekend include an afternoon tea, dance party, artist panel, fan-fiction panel, gaming, a Sherlock dinner, airing of episodes, Sherlock Cards of Humanity, Sherlock Win Lose or Draw, a Hobbit Party (Taking things Beyond Baker Street), a Sherlock Pollyanna (a fan gift exchange), arts and crafts, ribbon trading, cocktail meet and greet, an auction that will include charity items, costume contest,  we’ll be making a trip to Arnold’s Go-Karts, and possibly an indoor pool party! We may also have a costume contest and a Supernatural party.

Again this gathering is for donations only… The minimum donation is 60.00 dollars for the weekend. You’ll get a name tag, lanyard, and three Sherlock buttons/pins upon arrival. If we have to cancel this gathering, we will roll the donations over to next year’s gathering.

The dinner we have planned will still be 40.00 dollars a person if this gathering does not happen, that will be refunded.

I won’t be promoting this gathering like I had the event, so I’ll leave it up to you to share it out. For those that have already purchased your tickets and would like to skip the event/gathering, please let me know and I will refund your money.

Have questions, please feel free to contact me at

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