A Sherlock Sleepover Weekend

We’ve canceled our main event with actors due to a lack of interest, and being unable to promote this event…

BUT we are still having a Sherlock Sleepover Weekend that will happen the original dates our convention was planned, in the same hotel. We are NOT selling tickets, but we are asking for donations to attend. To join us Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for our fan gathering, we ask that each attendee donate 60.00 dollars. This cost helps to pay for the hotel and all the extras. If this gathering is canceled, the money will roll over into next year’s event/gathering. Each person that donates will receive a lanyard, with a badge, and a three-piece button/pin set.

If you would like to attend this fan gathering please email me at skids1985@comcast.net or at harrietward1948@gmail.com

Activities Include:

  • Friday Afternoon Tea with a selection of cookies.
  • Buy, Sell, and Trade event both Friday & Saturday.
  • The Great Game Dance Party.
  • Sherlock Win Lose or Draw contest.
  • Sherlock Cards of Humanity.
  • Artist Panel.
  • Fan-fiction Panel.
  • Shippers Panel.
  • Gaming.
  • Sherlock Pollyanna (a fan gift exchange) will take place during our Friday evening cocktail, as we celebrate a Sherlock Christmas. Contact us ahead of time if you would like to be a part of the gift exchange, and please wear an ugly sweater because we will be judging and handing out a prize.
  • Arts & Crafts.
  • Ribbon Trading.
  • An Auction that will include charity items.
  • A Game of Sherlock LARPing event.
  • Cluing for Looks (a scavenger hunt).
  • The Airing of Sherlock Episodes.
  • We are also looking into a Hobbit party.
  • A Dinner Party! Aside from the donation to attend our gathering, we are offering a Dinner party Saturday evening, which is extra. Please email me with any questions at skids1985@comcast.net The Dinner is a reenactment of the Sign of Three wedding reception. Costumes are highly recommended.

I am not promoting this gathering as a convention, just a fan gathering.

More details on main event cancellation can be found here: https://thegameisneverover.com/2020/04/30/convention-update-important-please-read/


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