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Sherlock Celebration Update…

Greetings, fellow Sherlock fans.

Aside from working full time and starting an online business, explaining my delay in posting. I wanted to give you an update on the November event.

The hotel informed me last week that I’m allowed to have no more than 25 in attendance and that’s including hotel staff. That count may change by November, I’m hoping it will. Right now I’m considering a smaller meetup. Would love to hear your thoughts!

For those that would like a refund, let me know. For those still planning to meet up this November. I’m now considering a group road trip around Philly.

In the future, after things are a tad bit normal, I would love to find a way for local Sherlock fans to meet up for monthly or bi-monthly gatherings.  Something similar to a London trip 20 of us planned a few years back.

-Rose (Blogger)

On Sherlock Fans USA and I hope to be more active on Instagram too! More importantly, get back to reading some fanfiction!