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Sherlock Artists

Since we are a fan convention that’s celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Sherlock we would love to see more art! So we ask that you consider sharing it!

Artistic plans for our Event include:

  • An Artist Panel: Spotlighting the fandom and the art that’s blossomed from it throughout the years. Fans, of course, will be credited and links will be added! 
  • Art Contest: For those attending, we also plan to have an art contest. We may extend that online as well!
  • Art Donations: For those interested in either donating art for our charity auction, or for our trivia contest, please feel free to contact us! Your store and online media links will be posted on the site, along with anything extra you’d like us to add.
  • Artist & VendorTables: For those interested in selling, we have limited space left. [12 spots] so please contact us if interested, first come basis.  Learn more on our Vendor page!

Although this event is geared towards Sherlock, we plan to take things beyond the BBC series. Other named items that will go over well include Supernatural, The Hobbit (LOTR), Doctor Who, Marvel Avengers/Doctor Strange, Good Omens, Star Trek, and Dracula BBC. [Most of these are mentioned because they somehow have connections with the actors of Sherlock’s BBC series, so they would be popular, and of course, there are the SuperWhoLock fans, that enjoy Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock.

Questions? Feel free to email us at


Reenactment dinner tickets are NOW available.

Gluten-free and vegan options will be offered but must be noted in advance.  Learn more at

We NOW have a Facebook EVENT page!

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We have a growing list of charity items for our auction, some of our personal favorites…

Signed by Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, a gift from Hartswood Films!

Autographed postcards from Hartswood Films, signed by Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, this was given to me personally, during my visit to the film studio. 

_ _ _

The Furlock Teddy Bear was a Sherlocked exclusive!

Showmasters, the creators of Sherlocked, one of our favorite conventions! Gave us this Furlock Teddy Bear for Charity, a HUGE thanks to Zoe and all the crew at Showmasters for allowing us to Share the Love last summer. Furlock Teddy Bear is a Sherlocked exclusive and very rare!

_ _ _

Home Sweet Home, by Ali Miller!

Another auctioned piece will be a tea set from Ali Miller of London! More details on that soon!

_ _ _

Taking it Beyond Baker Street, we will also have some Supernatural items, which include this Misha & Vicki Collin’s cookbook: The Adventurous Eaters Club! Signed with a heart, by Misha Collin’s! 

_ _ _

We have many more items, but you’ll have to come to the event to see and bid!!! Money collected will go to Saint Jude, Ghandi’s Refuge Animal Rescue, and a portion will go to A03.

_ _ _

This autograph has a special story behind it… During the promotion of the series, autographed items were given out, and this one could be yours! Preregister before December 31st, and you’re automatically entered in a drawing, which will be held on Jan 1st!

Johnlock Art

For you fans of Johnlock fans, we now have two beautiful posters that’ll be auctioned off for charity during the event! Art by Cecilia G.F. [Find Cecilia on RedBubble on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and on DeviantArt]

Note to fans: Shippers and Non-Shippers will have lots to purchase at this event!

The world is full of obvious things which nobody ever observes
Say it now

We’ll be announcing our first official guest later this week! More updates soon!

Sherlock’s Skull

Our first contributed piece for our charity auction was given by Travis Washburn, the art shown above. It’s a beautiful poster-sized print, that will be auctioned off for charity! He also gave us some smaller prints, which I’ll hand out to those fans in costume, while supplies last!

Sherlock’s Skull BBC, art by Travis Washburn

Not only do we plan to have an Art Contest, but we’ll also have a Charity Auction as well! For those that would like to participate, please email us at