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Convention Updates 2-12-2020

A collection of pins made for preregistered attendees.

Between work and family life we’ve had little time to post updates, but we do have lots to announce soon, which includes more details on the dinner party, an afternoon tea, two new games, a t-shirt contest, a trivia contest, more details on our crafts parties (we’ll be having more than one of those), and two fan guest announcements (which includes a costume contest).

So there’s much more coming soon!

This weekend we also promoted our event at ZoloCon.

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New Raffle Prizes! Much More to be listed soon!!!

Custom Lego sets, we plan to Raffle off during the event!

Sherlock & JohnJohn – A Tale from BakerBee Street

Sherlock & JohnJohn – A Tale from BakerBee Street  
Tom with his copy of ‘Sherlock & JohnJohn – A Tale from BakerBee Street!

We have a special treat lined up, for the young and the young at heart! Tom Stoughton will be reading Sherlock & JohnJohn – A Tale from BakerBee Street during our event! Tom also wrote the intro to this book!  

A Special Thanks to Cathy’s Art Place, for making this possible! Cathy is also planning a sequel Kickstarter, more updates soon!

Attendees will receive a special discount card during our event, to purchase your own copy! Learn more about this special book at Sherlock & JohnJohn!

These Bookmarks are a must too, for you Sherlock fans, along with this signed Print with Necklace, all from Cathy’s Art Palace!


Reenactment dinner tickets are NOW available.

Gluten-free and vegan options will be offered but must be noted in advance.  Learn more at

We NOW have a Facebook EVENT page!


Pop figures you’ll see during the weekend, while supplies last!

For you collectors, you’ll want to stop by Mrs. Hudson’s collectibles during the weekend. Both her tables promise to have lots of discontinued Pop Figures, Sherlock Titans, Collectible Prints, Posters, and much more! She’ll also be selling some Hobbit and Supernatural goodies!

There will also be Titan figures for purchase throughout the weekend, so complete those sets!

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Up Til Christmas Tables will be on SALE for $90.00 apiece, that Price will change after the Holiday. To purchase a table contact me at

This sale is limited to 30 tables only.