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Fan-Fiction Contest: The Story Continues

The story continues! What will happen? You decide!

There are continuous rumors of a Season Five! Until that happens we invite you to write a story about what’s been happening since we’ve last seen our favorite duo! Of course, there must be rules! Our number one request is that you keep it clean, the winner’s story will be read publicly during the event! You can also include new relationships and romance, we’re open to all ships! We also ask that your story be between 500 and 1000 words.  

How is little Rosie doing? You decide!

The WINNER will receive a special prize, your story will also be read during the event, and then passed on to a Hartswood Film’s representative, someone we’ve kept in continuous contact with.   



We plan to have more fanfiction contest in the near future, the next will involve Andrew Scott! How would you bring his character back, or maybe it’s his twin brother, that continues Jim Moriarty’s work? *Throwing ideas!!!* More details soon on Did You Miss Me?   

We’re also planning a poems!