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Convention Updates 2-12-2020

A collection of pins made for preregistered attendees.

Between work and family life we’ve had little time to post updates, but we do have lots to announce soon, which includes more details on the dinner party, an afternoon tea, two new games, a t-shirt contest, a trivia contest, more details on our crafts parties (we’ll be having more than one of those), and two fan guest announcements (which includes a costume contest).

So there’s much more coming soon!

This weekend we also promoted our event at ZoloCon.

_ _ _

New Raffle Prizes! Much More to be listed soon!!!

Custom Lego sets, we plan to Raffle off during the event!


We have a growing list of charity items for our auction, some of our personal favorites…

Signed by Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, a gift from Hartswood Films!

Autographed postcards from Hartswood Films, signed by Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, this was given to me personally, during my visit to the film studio. 

_ _ _

The Furlock Teddy Bear was a Sherlocked exclusive!

Showmasters, the creators of Sherlocked, one of our favorite conventions! Gave us this Furlock Teddy Bear for Charity, a HUGE thanks to Zoe and all the crew at Showmasters for allowing us to Share the Love last summer. Furlock Teddy Bear is a Sherlocked exclusive and very rare!

_ _ _

Home Sweet Home, by Ali Miller!

Another auctioned piece will be a tea set from Ali Miller of London! More details on that soon!

_ _ _

Taking it Beyond Baker Street, we will also have some Supernatural items, which include this Misha & Vicki Collin’s cookbook: The Adventurous Eaters Club! Signed with a heart, by Misha Collin’s! 

_ _ _

We have many more items, but you’ll have to come to the event to see and bid!!! Money collected will go to Saint Jude, Ghandi’s Refuge Animal Rescue, and a portion will go to A03.

_ _ _

This autograph has a special story behind it… During the promotion of the series, autographed items were given out, and this one could be yours! Preregister before December 31st, and you’re automatically entered in a drawing, which will be held on Jan 1st!

We’re proud to announce David Nellist as our next guest!

David Nellist, Mike Stamford to Sherlock fans, will be joining us in celebrating Sherlock’s 10th Anniversary! He’ll be greeting fans, joining in special events all weekend, and will be set up selling autographs and photos! He’ll also be sharing his personal memories of Sherlock! 

Hope to see you there! More details posted as the event nears!

Christmas shopping: Sherlock BBC Gift Box!

As the holidays near, I’ll be sharing some must BUY gifts! This Sherlock Amazing ‘Not so Mystery’ Premium Box happens to be one of those items! Click the link to learn more Sherlock Amazing ‘Not so Mystery’ Premium Box!

A Free goodie when purchasing this BOX set! Learn more below!

Something extra! Enter ROSEMARYSPURSE to receive this cool purse when buying this BOX set!

The Organizer

Dressed as Mrs. Hudson with some of the cast and crew of Sherlock!

Rosemary is very professional and has organized events and conventions for the past 8 years. She’s also a huge fan of Sherlock the BBC series and stays in close contact with Hartswood Films. She’s a cosplay, an artist and she loves fan-fiction! Hanging out with her fellow fans is one of her favorite things to do! You may see her dressed up as Mycroft, Mrs. Hudson, the Abominable Bride, or even Sherlock Holmes himself! Rosemary also loves charity, especially helping children and animals, so she often works a charitable project into her events. 

Mom and I enjoying my favorite Restaurant in Ohio!

Harriet Ward is Rosemary’s mom, who’s been supportive of Rosemary! And she also owns the complete series of Sherlock. She thinks he’s an odd detective… I think John would agree at times! 

My husband Tony and I getting Nerdy with Weird Al!

Tony and I have been together 19 years, and have ran our own convention Retro Con since 2012! He’s also gives me strong support and encouragement in every project, including this event!

In London with many of my Sherlock Sisters! Remember this Skateboard park?!

I couldn’t have done any of this, without the assist of my Sherlock BBC Sisters!

Construction continues on this site, more details to be posted soon! Hope to see you in November of 2020!!!