Convention Features

Here’s an example of what you’ll find at our convention and we’re always adding more activities!

Ribbon Trading!!!

Personal ribbons our convention organizer designed .

For attendees, we highly recommend Ribbons Galore! Trading ribbons with your fellow fans will be happening all weekend!

What size should you get? We recommend ordering this FLAT ribbon.

_ _ _

Sherlock’s Golden YouTube Award 

Would you like to submit a video? Contact us and share it!

Nominate and vote on your favorite YouTube videos, the Top Ten will be shown during the event! One will be chosen as the Best and receive the Sherlock Golden YouTube Award! [These MUST be Fan Made!]

Above video image from Swish Swish, a littleboffin video! [Song – Swish Swish by Katy Perry.]

_ _ _

Join in our Cluedo Tournaments

Play against your friends, and win a prize! We’ll have a final tournament, and announce a Cluedo Champion near the end of the weekend!

cluedo2 copy

_ _ _

Dealers Room

Because Fans do love to shop!!! Interested in becoming a Vendor? Contact us at

Items shown above are just a sample, and are not for sale.

_ _ _

Art Contest & Charity Auction

Not only do we plan to have an Art Contest, but we’ll also have a Charity Auction as well! For those that would like to participate, please email us at

BannerIn1 copy
Beautiful art, shown and shared on our sister site, Sherlock Fans USA!

_ _ _

Join us in celebrating Sherlock’s 10-year anniversary!

[Preregistered fans only!] Celebrate TEN years of Sherlock with us, as we enjoy cake, Karaoke, and much more! More details soon!

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