David Nellist (Mike Stamford) joins us in celebrating Sherlock’s 10th Anniversary!

David Nellist, Mike Stamford to Sherlock fans, will be joining us in celebrating Sherlock’s 10th Anniversary! He’ll be greeting fans, joining in special events all weekend, and will be set up selling autographs and photos! He’ll also be sharing his personal memories of Sherlock! 

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A young Sherlock, Tom Stoughton joins us!

Tom portrayed young Sherlock in the forth season! Dressed as a pirate in The Final Problem!

We’re proud to announce our first official guest, Tom Stoughton! Tom and his family will be with us the entire weekend, celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Sherlock!

Photographs and Autographs will be offered throughout the weekend!

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Writer Teri White joins us, in sharing her stories and chatting about fan-fiction.

Teri never goes to an event without the boys, so look for these two in attendants! Little Sherlock and John returning to Baker Street Station.

We are honored to have Teri White, mydogwatson as our first official fan-fiction/writer guest! Teri has been a Sherlock fan for over 60 years, she is also a huge Johnlock fan, who’s published books in the past! Favorite stories include her Postcard collections, her Ficlets from 2017 & 2018, and my personal favorite Palimpsest! Teri will also be hosting the Fan-Fiction Panel, with others, and possibly a Shipper’s Panel!

Until the event, read up on her stories, I’m sure you’ll enjoy them as much as we have!

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Little Boffin joins us in hosting the Costume Contest and Cosplay Panels!

Also shown in this photo @cos.vey and @bravoalmara

Little Boffin, long-time Sherlock fan, joins us in Celebrating Sherlock’s 10th Anniversary, by hosting the COSTUME Contest!
We’ll be posting more details soon!

For more Lil Boffin fun, follow her YouTube channel and follow her on Instagram at @littleboffin

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Christine’s adorable little Hedgehog inspires her!

Our next guest is not only a Johnlock fan but a fan of Mystrade and MorMor! Which makes it a special treat for you fan-fiction writers! Christine Wright has written fan-fictions on all three SHIPS. She’s also written stories on Star Trek (including our favorite KHAN From Into Darkness), and The Hobbit!

Christine has also published her own books in the past, and she can be found on AO3 at 221b_johnkhanlocked

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**All Guests Subject To Cancellation Due to Illness or Professional Commitments**

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