Sherlock Meet-Up [November 2020]

Join us for a SAFE LIMITED SPACE EVENT this November. This is replacing The Game Is Never Event, with something smaller and safer. Join our Event Page on Facebook:

Planned Events Include

Buy, Sell, and Trade Night Bring your goodies to sell and be ready to buy some goodies!

Sherlock Masquerade Party! Enjoy snacks, dancing, and possibly win a prize!

Cludo Tournaments!  We’ll be picking teams and playing against each other!

Sherlock Episodes We’ll be watching favorite Sherlock episodes as a group.

Sherlock Crafts For YOU creative fans, we’ll be designing Sherlock holiday ornaments! 

Sherlock Cards Against Humanity This will be an interesting event!

Sherlock 10th-Anniversary Celebration Party Cake, Pizza, and lots of Music!

Sherlock Gift Exchange How it works… Bring a wrapped Sherlock gift. I will number each gift, then each participant will draw a number out of a Deerstalker. [I’ll make sure no one gets their own gifts, and you’re welcome to trade gifts off with each other.] Message me if you’d like to stay out of this gift exchange.  

Win, Lose, or Draw! Forming teams once again for this fun event!

A Sherlock Luncheon We’ll be enjoying a nice lunch together, date to be determined.

221b Tea and Cookies!
Join us for a Sherlock tea party!

Cluing For Looks Scavenger hunts? Borrrrrring. Looking for clues? Easy when you’re friends with the infamous Sherlock Holmes. Join us as we put a new twist into an old game. [This special event hosted by Emry Watson. More details will be shared soon!]

Sherlock After Dark For YOU shippers, we have a special panel planned late Friday evening.

Fanfiction Panel For you writers, this is your chance to shine. Share your stories and ideas with fellow fans. [Contact me in advance if you’d like to be a part of this.]

For those interested please contact me as soon as possible, this is limited spacing.  Rose –

To keep things safe, temperatures will be checked daily. The hotel will have hand sanitizer stations. Surfaces will be kept clean! And wear that favorite Sherlock themed masks!

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