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John’s Blog: Oct 18th, 2019

This will be a fun way of sharing our thoughts each week! 

John sharing his thoughts online, as we plan to do, each week!

OCT 18TH, 2019

I know a lot of fans were excited yesterday, and it’s mainly because of the possibility of having certain guests. We do plan to have more than one on-screen actor, but with this being our first event, we would like to keep it more limited. We’re not an official convention like Sherlocked, which centers a great deal on the guests. We’re Sherlock fans holding a convention.    

What that means is more fan appreciation! We would like to see lots of art, cosplay, and hear your fan-fiction stories! Things we have planned, which will be posted throughout the year, include: scavenger hunts, episodes airing, ribbon trading, a karaoke party, a formal dinner, charity auction, art contest, games set up, on-screen items displayed for photos, a costume contest, a YouTube contest, lots of music, fan interaction is very important, and lots of shopping!

That’s not to say, we’re not going to try for a bigger actor if there’s enough interest. It’s just to say we’re planning this as a fan convention.

We’ll see how much fan interest we gather on Andrew Scott, and if there’s not enough, I do have a few adult actors to fall back on, and one is very interested in the event! I’m also waiting to hear back from a few actors and agents.

A PayPal link will be added soon, hotel block will be posted in about a month. More questions? Feel free to contact us!

One thing to remember is… This convention is still over a year away. We have lots of time to plan this out. We promise to put our heart and soul into this convention and make it an event you’ll never forget!

-The Game Is Never Over

The Organizer

Dressed as Mrs. Hudson with some of the cast and crew of Sherlock!

Rosemary is very professional and has organized events and conventions for the past 8 years. She’s also a huge fan of Sherlock the BBC series and stays in close contact with Hartswood Films. She’s a cosplay, an artist and she loves fan-fiction! Hanging out with her fellow fans is one of her favorite things to do! You may see her dressed up as Mycroft, Mrs. Hudson, the Abominable Bride, or even Sherlock Holmes himself! Rosemary also loves charity, especially helping children and animals, so she often works a charitable project into her events. 

Mom and I enjoying my favorite Restaurant in Ohio!

Harriet Ward is Rosemary’s mom, who’s been supportive of Rosemary! And she also owns the complete series of Sherlock. She thinks he’s an odd detective… I think John would agree at times! 

My husband Tony and I getting Nerdy with Weird Al!

Tony and I have been together 19 years, and have ran our own convention Retro Con since 2012! He’s also gives me strong support and encouragement in every project, including this event!

In London with many of my Sherlock Sisters! Remember this Skateboard park?!

I couldn’t have done any of this, without the assist of my Sherlock BBC Sisters!

Construction continues on this site, more details to be posted soon! Hope to see you in November of 2020!!!