Preregistration Packet Includes:

  • Early access to the dealer’s room .
  • All panels.
  • Thursday evening cocktail party (snacks provided) with a cash bar. 
  • Saturday evening dance/karaoke party.
  • Sunday evening screening of The Abominable Bride 
  • An exclusive button set.
  • An exclusive lanyard.
  • An exclusive print you can have signed by the guest and fellow fans. Think of it as your convention yearbook!

Tickets are 80.00 dollars a piece, if purchased online. But you can save 10.00 dollars a ticket by sending a preregistration form in, email and learn more at this address:

Purchase Tickets online!!! Children Under 10 Free!

For attendees, we highly recommend Ribbons Galore!!! Trading ribbons with your fellow fans will be happening all weekend! This is the most popular size

Like you, I’m a fan too! -Rose [The organizer of The Game Is Never Over]

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