The vendor price has changed, and was noted to change January 1st, 2020. The tables will remain at $120.00 [Purchase] TABLES

Purchase more than one table and save, contact me with any questions at, also contact me in regards to set up and extra floor space.


  • We bill these as TABLE spaces, not BOOTH spaces. While we allow vendors to rearrange their space into more of a booth, this is a privilege and not a right. If your set-up is too restrictive or disruptive to the vendors around you, we may ask that you make adjustments. Table purchase includes TWO admission badges. Buy more than one table? You’ll receive one extra badge.
  • Many have asked about our expected attendance. Since this is our first year, this remains an unanswered question. But we will be promoting this event heavily and I guaranteed fans will want to shop and spend money! I also run and promote a Retro Convention, that’s has been very successful the past eight years, with an attendance of over 5,000.
  • Although this event is geared towards Sherlock, we plan to take things beyond the BBC series. Other named items that will go over well include Supernatural, The Hobbit (LOTR), Doctor Who, Marvel Avengers/Doctor Strange, Good Omens, Star Trek, and Dracula BBC. [Most of these are mentioned because they somehow have connections with the actors of Sherlock’s BBC series, so they would be popular, and of course, there are the SuperWhoLock fans, that enjoy Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock. 
  • These are standard hotel tables 6 ft by 2.5 ft. Space around the table can be added, but again we have limited space, so it’s first come.

Dealers & Artists (Here’s a list of those attending. Tables and space is very limited, so if you plan to purchase a table, please contact me ahead of time. )

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Pop figures you’ll see during the weekend, while supplies last!

For you collectors, you’ll want to stop by Mrs. Hudson’s collectibles during the weekend. Both her tables promise to have lots of discontinued Pop Figures, Sherlock Titans, Collectible Prints, Posters, and much more! She’ll also be selling some Hobbit and Supernatural goodies!

There will also be Titan figures for purchase throughout the weekend, so complete those sets!

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Shayla’s Art will be selling a selection of Sherlock related items, and taking it Beyond Baker Street to sell Marvel items as well! This Ironman below happens to be a personal favorite!

Follow Shayla on Instagram and do shop at her table during the event! I’m sure she takes requests!

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