Raffle Prize: Irene Adler’s Wallpaper!

We continue to add items to our Raffle Prize list, our most recent is this piece from Irene Adler’s wallpaper! Framed and signed by Arwel Wyn Jones, Sherlock’s production designer! It also comes with this beautiful photo of Sherlock & Irene (Benedict Cumberbatch & Lara Pulver)!

You must be in attendance to win! More goodies posted soon! Keep washing those hands and stay safe! -The Game is Never over

_ _ _

We may put a permanent link up to purchase T-shirts.

Something Special For Our Sponsors! Anyone interested in being a sponsor, we have some special items we’ll be offering! A (reprint) copy of the Little Favour script is something we will offer each sponsor. [We own an original script signed producer of the short film, you’ll be receiving a reprint of that script]. For those that don’t know Little Favour was a short film starring Benedict Cumberbatch from 2014. This script is very rare. We are also offering a (reprint) copy of The Great Game, the original copy is directly from Hartswood Films and has the signatures of Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, and Andrew Scott. We also have Convention Pin/Button Sets for those that sponsor the event (these are very limited and will not be offered at the event). We also have some autographed items with papers of authenticity for those that have sponsored the most, contact us to learn more.

We also would also like to thank Rhonna Di, she’s not only a Sherlock Sister, she’s an Angel when it comes to helping with this event! Lots of love to our Sherlock family, so many names I could list here, and I will at some point!

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Purchase tickets at Sherlock Reenactment Dinner and remember it’s pre-registrants only. Think Sign Of Three when joining this dinner, dress for a wedding!

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We NOW have a Facebook EVENT page!

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